Web developer

Communicate with the world in binary language? In spite of all You can get along with Account and designer? Correctness of semantic syntax turns You on?

Graphic designer

In ADOBE feel like a shark in the ocean? You live in design world? You know UX and Usability? Do you like coffee? Do you have creative ADHD? You love unrealistic deadlines?

Account Manager

You live in ASAP? You are hard like Tommy Lee Jones in The Fugitive? You can easily pick up a customer? If your first smile is enough to break the ice let us know!

New Business Manager

Dream about a quiet work? It scares you the vision of high wages? Or maybe you are afraid of human contact? If so, do not respond to this ad!

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Headquarters Łódź

Gdańska 126/128
(building B, room 211)
90-520, Łódź

+48 516 096 995
+48 516 096 996


Branch Warsaw

Sarmacka 1a
02-972, Warsaw

+48 510 572 466
+48 516 096 995